Area 1:
A Gloomy Parallel World
Area 2:
The Ultimate Life Form!
Area 3:
A Call to Arms
Area 4:
The Emperor's Wrath
Area 5:
The Dreaded Ginyu Force
Area 6:
The Androids Attack!
Area 7:
Assault of the Saiyans!
Area 8:
Merciless Frieza
Area 9:
Arise, Saiyan Prince
Area 10:
Red Ribbon Machinations
Area 11:
Unknown Saiyans
Area 12:
Terror Returns
Area 13:
When Warriors Collide
Area 14:
The Ultimate Android
Area 15:
Distorted Destiny
Area 16:
Area 17:
Frieza's Menace!
Area 18:
The Epic Attack and Defense
Area 19:
Stop the Majin's Revival!
Area 20:
Plot of Darkness
Area 21:
Omen of Brutal Brawl
Area 22:
A New Threat
Area 23:
Stop Cell's Perfect Form!
Area 24:
Ambitious Androids
Area 25:
Signs of Invasion
Area 26:
Demonic Technology
Area 27:
Taxing Endeavor